Biography / Statement


Suhee Kang was Born in Seoul, Korea, 1988. She finished Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College Art and Design in Auckland, New Zealand (2012). Currently she has graduated the Master of Fine Arts program at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. While living in two different western cultures (USA and New Zealand) she find that she is fully emerged as an ‘international’ that, she has formed new perspectives on how society functions, operates and acts. There are strong guidelines or ideas for how one should behave in each country and how within each foreign culture there are social and cultural pressures. People live within these boundaries whether they want to or not, it is a given. Not only have she consumed a new set of social practices; she found that she still needed to navigate different ways through each society and their expectations. This led her to explored this idea of cross culturalism and the so called perceived definitions of identity, hybridity and diaspora through her artworks with various mediums, which is painting, drawing, video and sculpure based on the research.

Conceptual Statement

I have been exploring these ideas of cross-cultural identity, hybridity and diaspora with a focus on issues of social practice and cultural expectations, within my art practice. In contemporary culture, I believe there is a fixed framework that is made up of rules and laws. People must live within these boundaries whether they want to or not. I find it strange that many people do not raise any doubts about this framework, and just accept things as normal and therefore correct. Through my art work, I am questioning these cultural and social conventions.

Technical Statement

All of my work are required labor-intensive process art making, which are become an obsessive and meditative act to me as artist. As I spend time in physically making the works, which are mirrors the time spent in contemporary society. I believe that Machinelike process of my series works help to viewer for understanding may be analogical and also practical in art works. The final artifact works are taking big part in resultant of artists time consuming for indeterminate answers in now.